“The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.”

~David Ogilvy

We cannot easily seduce the customer nowadays. The only way to create bond with the customer is to make the brand interesting enough for them on daily basis. Tell the great stories about companies and connecting it with the media available. Today, media gives an opportunities to sustain the relationships between companies and their customers. Maximize it before the landscape is changing.


Strategically, we need to start understanding how and where these particular consumers consumes the content. Ultimately, it is the consumer behavior which will give us clue how are we going to execute.


Sustainable connection

Maintaining connection engagement with the empathy. Make the access easy to connect directly to the brand, let consumers experience product as often as possible. Be present in consumers community or even better building a community for them.


Measure the Investment

Build a parameter to achieve company’s goal. Get the insightful input with the right tools in order to make impact periodically.


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