The Next Level of Loyalty is Community


The key to make a big community moving is the same “idea”.

Loyalty program is great for customers retention, what next? What is the 21 century marketing tools offers? How about not only creating relationships based on sales and transactions but also creates a real bonding with group of customers?


In the past, Community responsible in huge shifting of political ideology in many countries. Community is an honest voice from the people. The formula is simple “Idea” which represents people’s identity, problem, etc. The only difference now is the media. Social media has a big role to make a community growing faster and bigger, it’s borderless, nationless, genderless.

In definition, community is a group of people sharing the same interest. the chance to learn from one to another is the reason for people belong to a certain community. How about the brands or companies? do they need support from community? Definitely Yes! Today, word of mouth is a currency of trust. Words are likely become fire and smoke at the same time, thanks to social media make word flowing very fast.


Customers Advocacy

The problem with loyalty program is all company are doing pretty much the same in terms of goals, retention. Mostly customers take the benefit from the program. But how about engagement? Are they really bonding to the brand? Most probably they will buy the product again to get the prize offered, but will they recommend to others?

Well maintained community can provide the right atmosphere to engage your brand advocacy with simply referring to friends or family and defend it if necessary.


Building Community

So, how to build an intuitive community for the brand or companies?

Create a theme that represents your customer voices, needs or viral possibility

When you start a community, we need engaging and appealing theme, consumers need a reason to join. If you already robust loyalty program, we can start from that point.


Build a community playbook.

Community is a long term program, we need built a roadmap or playbook to conduct, the scope of theme, the boundaries, conversations style, budget, person in charge, third party or agency involvement, etc. The social media is the most effective tool to start nowadays. Many examples of large communities built from facebook, twitter. Build a relevant (#) hashtag to ensure the community grow in the right direction.


Facilitating your community

Get involved and facilitating intuitively, go offline, join an event, built conversations outside community. Involving members of the community in your activity, the community will grow organically when the activist have a sense of belonging.



Put loyalty program budget (or separately) on community program, give a reward to encourage members to go deeper and active in every event or program.

In the near future marketing landscape it’s all about people collaborations. Community will help you to increase brand equity periodically.

We can help you to start brand or companies online community, let’s discuss.|Agensi Brand Jakarta